The power of community

Working together to achieve success

DER KREIS buying group is a classic, medium-sized family business that has been run by the same family since day one. Today, the group of companies is active in over nine European countries and boasts the membership of over 3,000 companies - mostly retail stores - in the areas of kitchens, heating, bathrooms, carpentry, interior design, shop fitting, windows and doors.  Our special position within the association landscape eliminates financial risks and liability of individual members within DER KREIS, Mein BAD, and CREATIVEN PARTNERn. DER KREIS group pools experience and know-how from various industries in which our member companies are successfully active. In addition, the group develops modules that help its members get ahead in very diverse regional markets and create advantages for their respective market position. Our member companies can draw from a broad array of services that support them in their daily business and let them focus on their core expertise - providing consulting, planning, sales, and installation


DER KREIS national subsidiaries

The markets are international, the consumers are individual. Lifestyles vary across countries and regions. Successful companies are those that are able to adapt to the wishes of the customers and identify their needs. A strong community grows based on the experiences and expertise of its individual members. In order to satisfy country-specific characteristics, our national subsidiaries take care of the individual markets. DER KREIS founder Ernst-Martin Schaible recognised the importance of international expansion early on and successively founded companies in other European countries.

Companies within DER KREIS buying group network