DER KREIS Great Britain

Founded in 2013, DER KREIS Great Britain is the most recent addition to our national subsidiaries. Ever since it commenced operations, DER KREIS Great Britain has successfully established itself on the market and the services we provide have been benefiting our kitchen specialist and industry partners in equal measure.

National Managing Director Bill Miller and his team have been able to take advantage of the tried and tested concepts as well as the well-established networks maintained by DER KREIS buying group. The British national subsidiary will also participate in the international and successful end-customer platform kuechenspezialist starting this year. Introducing this platform will represent an important milestone for the new national subsidiary, as it will be the first time that kitchen enthusiasts and potential end customers in Great Britain will be addressed, a huge benefit for the member companies of DER KREIS. 

The head office of DER KREIS Great Britain is located in Southampton. 
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