Secure and strong together

Success story


DER KREIS buying group acquires TopaTeam GmbH from Wolnzach, Germany, a purchasing and services company for carpenters and cabinetmakers with over 330 companies.


The new generation of digital consumer kitchen brands is launched and establishes itself as a successful B2C platform connecting members with their customers.

The total number of member companies in the buying group hits 3,012, surpassing the 3,000 threshold for the first time.


GERMANY REBUILDS, the marketing specialist network for the areas of kitchens, bathrooms & heating, carpenters & cabinetmakers, doors & windows welcomes its 250th participant. The cross-area campaign has its roots in an initiative from DER KREIS.


DER KREIS Great Britain is established as the ninth national subsidiary.

The kitchen franchise group Varia for Germany and South-East Europe receives a rating of “very good” from the Institute for Service Quality.


Acquisition of the company CREATIVE PARTNER in Germany (active in the areas of window production, shop, restaurant and hotel facilities, residential furniture and renovations, ship installations, interior construction) and integration into DER KREIS buying group.


Acquisition and integration of the kitchen franchise concept olina in Austria and in South Tirol.

DER KREIS successfully expands across various countries in South-East Europe.


The establishment of the foundation, DER KREIS ANJA SCHAIBLE STIFTUNG, creates a link between teaching, research, kitchen specialist businesses and industry. The aim of the foundation is to open up opportunities for careers in design and interior architecture in the kitchen industry. Every two years, DER KREIS ANJA SCHAIBLE STIFTUNG holds an awards ceremony in the context of LivingKitchen to honour student projects.


Ernst-Martin Schaible receives the Cooperation Award of German Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.


Ernst-Martin Schaible receives the Economy Medal from the state of Baden-Württemberg.


CUCiNi – a family kitchen concept and a development from DER KREIS buying group – is certified by the German Child Protection Association.


DER KREIS celebrates its 25th anniversary.


The holistic specialist retailer concept KÜCHE 3000 is introduced in Germany for members companies.


Ernst-Martin Schaible develops the initiative “The Kitchen as the Centre of Life”, highlighting the exceptional role of the kitchen within architecture and the design of living spaces, which becomes one of the pioneers of the open-kitchen plan.


DER KREIS buying group is created as an umbrella organisation for the group of companies.


DER KREIS Belgium/Luxembourg is established in Gent. A module for replacement requirements titled “Lifting up kitchen renovators and electric appliances specialists” is developed and launched on the German market.


Mein BAD is created as a marketing, purchasing and service group for bathroom and heating specialists.

The partner and franchise concept Varia for kitchen specialists is established by Ernst-Martin Schaible.

EUROTEAM is founded as a centralised settlement and service company. It secures payment flows for the member companies in Europe and assumes del credere in relation to industry partners.


Based on an initiative from Ernst-Martin Schaible, the federal association BVDM becomes BVDKM, adding the kitchen association element.


DER KREIS France is established in Strasbourg.

DER KREIS Germany holds its very first annual congress in Dresden, in eastern Germany.


The company’s new head offices are inaugurated in Leonberg, Germany.


Based on an initiative by Ernst-Martin Schaible, an environmental committee is established for the entire kitchen and appliances industry.

The kitchen studio industry is developed in eastern Germany, at the first trade fair in Rostock.


DER KREIS Juniors is established for aspiring kitchen specialists.


The fourth DER KREIS company in Europe is established in Dalfsen, the Netherlands.


DER KREIS Switzerland is established in Arbon. 


DER KREIS Austria sets up shop in Austria.

An important step for ensuring the continued existence of kitchen studios rests in cooperation with so-called “no name” kitchen suppliers.

The training occupation “kitchen specialist” becomes a key focus area for Ernst-Martin Schaible.

Cooperation in the area of centralised settlement is initiated with DG Diskontbank.


DER KREIS works with its members to establish its first exclusive kitchen model, the “K1”.


Strong and well-known brands support Ernst-Martin Schaible’s initiative and become the first suppliers – including Poggenpohl, Zeyko, allmilmö, rational, Blanco and Franke.

Establishment of the economic ERFA groups.

At the inaugural annual meeting, the advisory board is elected and the first computer system for kitchen planning and order processing, KIT, is introduced.


On 1 October 1979, Ernst-Martin Schaible founds DER KREIS in Weil der Stadt/Schafhausen in Baden-Württemberg. By the end of the first year, 25 kitchen studios become members of the group and a number of manufacturers begin to show interest in cooperating, as well.